Problem: Our earth is dying in front of our eyes! Plastic waste is a large reason as to why this is happening!

Objective: Design a solution that will help eliminate the use of plastic by incentivizing individuals to lo longer use plastic water bottles. Additionally, find a solution where individuals do not need to change their regular living habits.

Solution: A water bottle that will help the environment by incentivizing the reduction in use of plastic water bottles. The water bottle will track the owner’s intake of water, over the course of a day, week, month, and total. An app will accompany the bottle that lets you know how many plastic water bottles you have saved by using the water bottle. Users will be able to check their friends water consumption and hold competitions. For every plastic water bottle that one saves, 10 cents is donated to the Organization Plastic Oceans. This proposed idea helps eliminates plastic in a fun and realistic way. With this Aquate bottle, individuals do not need to alter their lifestyle to help efforts of sustainability and conservation. Each bottles means less plastic bottles will be bought and used.

In collaboration with: Abigail Kumar and Margaret Kots

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University of Illinois: Admissions


As an employee of the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, I had the opportunity work on a very wide variety of design projects. Including multiple recruitment booklets, a calendar, instagram content and more. The objective with these designs was to appeal to high schoolers, or their parents. We wanted something that represented both academic and contemporary elements of the school. During my time, the University changed their official logo, requiring us to redesign all of our pieces and entirely redesign the style guide.

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Pocket Bringhurst


The objective with this design was to not only learn, but also implement the general rules for traditional print typography. This is a re-design and condensed version of Robert Bringhurst’s Elements of Typographic style, often referred to as the typographic-bible. This book, being a pocket edition of the book, has all the “rules” to understand good, effective and timeless typography. 

This book was summarized as a class effort.

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Design Matters


Problem: There are negative stereotypes towards Graphic Designers that put them in a box of individuals that can only “make pretty things.” We as graphic designers know that our education has taught us so much more! These stereotypes effect–not only designers’ reputations, but more significantly–people who could possibly work with us, specifically regarding business.

Objective: Not only tell people what designers offer, but also show them!

Solution: The Design Matters Conference! The Design Matters Conference is hosted with the intention of bringing together entrepreneurs, designers, and other professionals to form the use of good design within business, demonstrating the positive effects that a successful partnership between business and design can produce. Throughout the course of the weekend, participants will have the opportunity to listen to our speakers interact with them, and network with other professionals to make connections and begin the innovation process.

  • Innovate. Designers have spent their lives thinking creatively

  • Stand out. Designers create unique brand image to catch attention

  • Alter perception. Designers use methods to influence interaction

The poster series not only works as a campaign for the event, but also operates as informational. Those who do not understand why design matters, may understand it a bit more just by seeing these posters.

In collaboration with Jeff Urbahn and Ryan Hock